The Chain of Petrol Stations includes more than 60 stations 25 of which are owned by the Company, and the rest belongs to CPS Group of Companies.

The service of the customers at the petrol stations is carried out in several directions. Besides the cash settlement the coupon system of sale exists as well. In all the stations of CPS chain the customers can get coupons for 5, 10, 20 and 50 l of any grade fuel. The coupons are issued goods without any limits in time irrespective of fluctuations on fuel market price. The service list also includes car maintenance.

1Yerevan27 Isakov str.77-41-29
2Yerevan67/1 Bagratunyats str.44-27-77
3Yerevan11/1 Isakov str.77-05-52
4Yerevan"Bojnya" area, Verin Ptghni29-48-71
5Yerevan157 Sebastia str. 
6Yerevan34 Artashisyan str.46-22-42
7Yerevan57 Arshakunyats str.44-22-21
Yerevan28/5 Arshakunyats str. 
9Yerevan60 Komitas str. 
10YerevanAshtarak highway, near Kasah v.35-35-00
11YerevanSpecial area of Vardanants str. 
12Yerevan2/5 first str., Noragavit 
13Yerevan 1/3 Sasna Tsrer str. 
Gyumri 173/1 Yerevanyan highay  
15YerevanGr. Hasratyan (Leninakan) str. 10/8 
16Yerevan1 Tbilisi highway, Arabkir 
17SevanTo the north-west of the cross road of Yerevan-Sevan highway 
18Yerevan36/3 Luksemburg str. 
19YerevanAt the beginning of M. Heratzi str.57-18-01
Yerevan33 Arshakunyants str.44-66-69
21Yerevan197/1 Armenakyan str.65-19-13
22YerevanLeningradyan str., opposite the "Sebastia" hotel 
23YerevanDavid Bek str., opposite the "Yntanekan" restaurant 
24YerevanDavid Anhaht str. 
25Yerevan25 Ayvazovski str. 
26Yerevan110 Babajanyan str.74-42-99,74-43-99
27Yerevan218 Khujakov str. 
28Yerevan218 Bagratunyants str.42-17-53
29Yerevan30 Tbilisi highway 
Yerevan96/1 Sebastia str. 
31HrazdanHay Fidaineri str. 
32AbovyanAshtarak highway, near Kasah v. 
33Abovyan74 Yerevanyan str. 
34Abovyan1 Arzni highway 
35Artik72 Shahumyan str.0244-5-42-63
36Artik69 Sasuntzi str.0244-5-40-60
37Talin10 Spandaryan str., near the fire service 
38SevanGegharkunik marz, near Varsegh village 
39Sevan176 Nairyan str. 
Ashtarak85 Narekatzi str. 
41Gyumri30/1 V.Sargisyan str. 
42GyumriGaregin A 40/1 str.0312-4-01-66
43Armavir52 Yerevanyan str. 
44Aparan73 a Baghramyan str. 
45Norapat village, Armavir marz091-41-14-25
46Geghanist village cross road, Ararat marz 
47Yerevan - Razdan highway, Gegharkunik marz 
48IjevanOn the right of Getahovit highway 
49BerdOn the right of the highway 
YeghegnadzorYerevanyan road 
51SpitakOn the right of Yerevanyan highway 
52MasisNear the municipality 
53GorisNear the parking lot 
54JermukThe left-site of Jermuk highway 
55Kapan4 Mushegh Harutyunyan str. 
56KapanGortcaranayin str., near the parking lot of the Airport 
57Vanadzor2a Halabyan str. 
58Vanadzor Baghramyan prosp. 
59Vanadzor1a Baghramyan prosp.