Corporate management

CPS Company establishment and its policy formation coincided with the formation of new independent Armenia in early 1990s. The railway blockade, the absence of alternative ways to import any goods, the closure of the Armenian nuclear power station, all these factors had their negative impact on fuel and energy market, which acquired chaotic and depressed nature. The state of fuel and energy complex in its turn had its impact on the country’s economy having experienced a drastic recession. It was necessary to find a way out. Under these conditions CPS made a decision to run a policy on long-term projects and international standards intrinsic of a civilized market.
And now CPS is the supporter of corporate management and takes care of its image. It is imperative for the company to achieve a success at the same time running inner policy and ensuring the transparency of its financial activity. CPS is sure the long-term perspectives can be ensured only in case the business is supported with joint efforts of all the company employees enjoying the confidence of its business partners and fulfilling its obligations before the country.
CPS thinks that the strength of the country can be ensured only by a strong economy. Only the state can implement projects on society development. The mandatory terms for this are, on one hand, the exact definition of "rules of play", on the other hand, setting confidence in the relations "society (or consumers)-economic entity-state". It is one of the bedrock principles of CPS.