Ecological policy

CPS runs an ecological policy providing the supply and realization of certified fuel only promoting the decrease in toxic emissions into environment. CPS supplies only the products produced by officially registered enterprises and rejects the offers on the supply of low-quality and non-ecological fuel though cheap.
In the standpoint of ecology petrol and diesel oil are negative factors of impact on environment. The quality of fuel is strictly controlled in the European countries and recently in Armenia as well. Practically it is prohibited to sell doped fuel containing more amount of lead in all civilised countries. In Armenia the ban on the petrol import has been introduced since 2001. In its turn from the very beginning of its activity in 1992 CPS has been importing lead-free petrol.
Pursuing its own ecological policy CPS imports only certified petrol and diesel oil. Taking into consideration the great number of vehicles in the streets, CPS tries to decrease the harmful impact of exhaust gases on the expense of high-quality fuel.