Chairman's address

CPS Company has been operating in the fuel market of Armenia since 1992. The formation of the company politics took place in the period of forming new and independent Armenia. The worked out strategy to great extent promoted the fact that business in the sphere of import and realization of petrol and diesel oil started pursuing certain rules and acquired an outline characteristic to a civilized fuel market.
We haven’t forgotten yet how the fuel of suspicious quality was sold in the household containers, buckets and bottles in the streets of our cities. We also remember the stoppages in petrol supply and standing cars. Both the consumers and the state budget and the ecology suffered.
Such a state of energy and fuel complex was not acceptable for the country not possessing own energy resources and needing a strict system of continuous supply of high-quality petrol. Such a system was established.
CPS is one of the biggest suppliers of fuel and diesel oil to Armenia. The company’s part in the annual import of fuel makes up 50%.
The company upholds its reputation cooperating with the partners working in accordance with international high standards in the country as well as beyond its boundaries. The petrol is imported from Russia, Romania and Bulgaria and the diesel oil is imported from Russia and Turkmenistan. By the way, exactly CPS Company discovered Turkmenistan as an fuel alternative supplier for Armenia as it was important for CPS Company to obviate the fuel deficit in the country and to provide continuous supply even in the cases when Poti Port is closed. All the supplies are certified without fail before going out into the market.
An indispensable term for the company in the choice of the partners is the certification of the goods. In its turn CPS safeguards not only the quality but also the exactly adjusted amount of the sold fuel. The trust of its customers is one of the main tasks for the company and CPS solves this task. This certifies the continuous increase in the company’s activity both in the relations with the partners and in the relations with customers.
CPS Company has a chain of wholesale depots practically in all central junctions where mass construction is carried out, the infrastructure is developed, the highways are reconstructed. Besides Yerevan the central wholesale depots are situated in Vanadzor, Armavir, Gyumri, Artik, Sevan, Abovyan. On the expense of its own technical means the fuel from the Wholesale Depots is distributed throughout the chain of Petrol Stations situated practically in all regions of the country.
One of the achievements of the company is the introduction of coupon system of ale. All the centers of wholesale and retail sale are equipped with electronic devices controlling the sale process.
We are sure if each center in its region works honestly our country will overcome all the present difficulties. In this regard I consider it important to approve the principle of openness and transparency in all the relations with clients, business partners and state. In my opinion the company is just with clients and honest before the state. So the company has been one of the five largest taxpayers in the country for many years.
CPS Company runs a corporate policy taking care that each employee feels pride and responsibility for the company’s activity aimed at the economic development of the state.
CPS business programs aim at general development of the fuel market in Armenia including service sphere.
We don’t intend to stop at what we have achieved. The company already intends to develop and develop a network of filling stations.
I hope, moreover, I am sure that due to highly qualified staff and much effort, the company will manage to carry out its plans and to expand its sphere of activity more.
President of CPS company
Ashot Salazaryan