Strategy and politics

Each client is important for CPS Company. This motto of the company is carried out in full extent. CPS brand has operated in the fuel market of Armenia since 1994.
The main activity of the company aims at importing and consuming high-quality petrol and diesel oil. Being one of the leaders in the fuel market of Armenia CPS takes the key stand in qualified service of the clients with high-quality fuel and tends to expand the chain of petrol stations and wholesale depots in the whole territory of the republic.
Taking into consideration the increase in the world price on petroleum and energy resources, as well as the transportation expenses the company has its primary task, correct capital investment. Taking into account the specificity of its activity the company directs its investments to expand the chain of petrol stations, to develop the infrastructure and to increase the number of the services.
The policy of CPS is first of all connected with the regions of Armenia, CPS creates new working places and develops its own infrastructure so that together with the activity expansion to increase socio-economic level of the given region and to improve the quality of life of the local population.
  • CPS is one of the largest suppliers of petrol and diesel oil to Armenia. The company’s share in the annual import of petrol makes up 40% and in diesel oil – 65%. The company imports fuel from the European countries, Romania, Russia and Bulgaria. The alternative supply of diesel oil is implemented form Turkmenistan.
  • CPS is the supporter of international standards of corporate management. CPS is proud of the fact that he is in the top five of the biggest tax payers in the country showing the transparency of its business and the adherence to the established rules for financial statement.
  • CPS pursues ecological policy ensuring the supply and realization only of certified fuel and promoting the decrease in toxic emissions into the environment.
  • CPS ensures the transparency of its financial activity. The main components of the investing package are as follows: the chain of wholesale depots and petrol stations, the provision of modern equipment and hardware, the establishment and provision of its own motor car park, the creation of working places and social policy.
  • The realization of the fuel takes place only through the branching of the chain of wholesale depots and petrol stations. At present CPS owns 9 wholesale depots in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Armavir, Gyumri, Kapan, Sevan, Artik, Abovyan. They are all situated at the junctions of the central highways.
  • CPS introduced the coupon system of sale, which promotes the diversification of financial relations with the consumers.