Main activity trends

The main activity trends are connected with the supply of petrol and diesel oil to Armenia, the development of the chain of wholesale depots and petrol stations as well as the coupon system of sale. The combination of the aforementioned activity trends gave the company an opportunity to save the clients many problems. Due to the coupon system all the financial operations are carried out through bank transfers and consequently they are all given the necessary documents. The coupon system enables the owners of the motor car parks to carry out cashless settlements with the car owners in order to save money. On the other hand, the clients don’t have to store fuel as the coupons are accepted in all the petrol stations of the company without any exclusion.
So the expenses are standardized ensuring the lawfulness and transparency of the financial operations, and saving time.
  • CPS imports fuel of the following types: AИ-92-K5, AИ-95-К5 as well as summer and winter grades of diesel fuel ДТ-Л-К5, ДТ-Е-К5 и ДТ-З-К5
  • CPS supplies fuel corresponding to international ecological standards at low prices. The presence of sulfur in diesel oil doesn’t exceed 10ppm. Lead-free petrol (without lead impurities) has been imported since 1992.
  • CPS supplies fuel for wholesale and retail sale.
  • CPS supplies fuel to all the territory of the republic through the chain of wholesale depots and petrol stations using own transport means.
  • CPS implements individual orders on supplying other type of fuel.
  • CPS enables alternative financial relations with the clients by introducing coupon system of sale.