In 2020 CPS Company celebrated its 28 th anniversary and noted with satisfaction that the strategy and policy are kept up to date and the set tasks have been fulfilled.

At the beginning of its activity in 1992 the fuel and energy complex of Armenia was in acute crisis. With the closure of the Armenian nuclear power station the country was deprived of its energy resources, the railway blockade closed the way for alternative energy carriers. The market was full of low-quality fuel the supply of which was carried out with stoppages. Specially equipped petrol stations didn’t practically exist, so called “street trade” of the petrol and diesel oil in household containers was flourishing.

Under the conditions of instable situation in the post-Soviet area proceeded to the foundation of their independent economy, CPS set itself main objectives which were included in the main strategic planning of its further activity.

To manage the crisis the company decided first of all to provide the Armenian fuel market with continuous fuel supply from the countries being energy carrier suppliers, to find the alternative ways to supply fuel and to regulate civilized methods for the fuel market management.