Chain of wholesale depots

The greatest part of the investments the company uses to establish a chain of wholesale depots and petrol stations to set large fuel margins in the country not possessing its own fuel resources.
The structure of the chain of wholesale depots is divisional. The chain provides direct data flow in the format “Centre-Wholesale Depots-Consumers” and each chain link also solves the local tasks based on the regional specificities, the presence of the infrastructures of a certain type in it, the relations with customers etc. Due to this fact the chain of wholesale depots significantly reduces the supply terms to the partner enterprises, reduces the cost of fuel and improves the contacts with consumers.
The wholesale depots are situates at the central junctions of the highways connecting large towns and the enterprises working more actively. The chain includes the wholesale depots in Vanadzor, Kapan, Gyumri, Artik, Armavir, Abovyan, Sevan and two ones in Yerevan.
The fuel is delivered in containers to the depots, where it is poured into reservoirs with the capacity of 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 70 liters. At present the fuel margin at the wholesale depots make up 10.000 cubic meters. It ensures the customer that at any moment the company will freely provide them with the necessary amount of fuel even in those cases if the supply of fuel to Armenia is interrupted for any reason.

The Wholesale depot addresses

1 Yerevan 67 Bagratunyats str., Tel.: +37410 44 11 40
2 Yerevan 100 Artashisyan str., Tel.: +37410 46 27 00
3 Vanadzor 2 Hyusisajin str., Tel.: +374322 6 06 06
4 Armavir Pesticide Base, Tel.: +37491 41 14 25
5 Gyumri Akhuryan Road, Firing Base, Tel.: +374321 4 00 95
6 Artik 1 Tuphablokneri str., Tel.: +374244 5 40 60, +374244 5 35 06
7 Sevan 4 Karmir Banaki str., Tel.: +37494 95 42 42
8 Kapan 4/47 Mushegh Harutyunyan str., Tel.: +374285 6 59 21
9 Abovyan Railway station Territory, Tel.: +374222 2 43 23